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1. which of these four spanish explorers [ columbus; balboa; de leon; cortes; pizarro; de soto; and coronado] never visited the territory or territorial waters of the land that eventually became part of the united states ?

2. which southern english colony had the smallest western frontier?

3. the colony of maryland was centered around what body of water?

4. what were the diverse purposes of england's american colonies and how were those purposes altered in the early years of settlement?

5. what features were common to all of england's southern colonies, and what features were peculiar to each one?

6. how did the interaction and conflict between english settlers and indians affect both parties and contribute to developments that neither group sought?

7. how did the search for a viable labor force affect the development of the southern colonies? what was the role of african american slavery in the early colonial settlements? why were two southern colonies initially resistant to slavery?

8. discuss relations between the english settlers and the indians of the southern atlantic coast

9. compare and contrast the early colonial empires of portugal, spain, and england in terms of motives, economic foundations, and relations with africans and indians. what factors explain the similarities and differences in the two ventures?

10 . the territory that was once new sweden became part of which three english colonies?

11. compare & contrast the new england and middle colonis in terms of motives for founding, religious and social composition, and political development

12. how did the puritans' distinctive relgious outlook affect the development of all the new england colonies?

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